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Mohair Name: Café au Lait
Mohair Number: C1

Cafe au Lait mohair

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Pile Length 23mm, 9/10", medium
Medium dense antique curled mohair

Norbeary says " This mohair is a nice versatile mohair. The pile is quite wild and a very pale straw colour , the backing is a warm and soft brown. The pile is sparse enough for the backing to show through. It could be made into quite a loveable, scruffy, little modern bear or you could go to town on it and make it look really old"


This mohair is part of our modern and vintage style collections.

If you have made a bear from this mohair please send us a photo
and we will include it here with your contact details

We cut all our mohair into 'fat' pieces not strips, these are the approximate sizes.
1 metre piece = 100cm x140 cm
1/2 metre piece = 50cm x140 cm
1/4 metre piece = 50cm x70 cm
1/8 metre piece = 50cm x35 cm

* standard postage and packing costs with insurance where necessary

1/2m £4.00 - 1m £7.00 - 2m £8.00 - 3m and above £10.00

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